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Timeless and Timed

  What can weeds and platforms tell us?  In the weeds are relics of an old empire of electric power.  The stubs of catenary poles peak out just above the wild flowers and brush.  On the ground, a path of concrete still defies the ages and arcs out and away from the old Butte station whose tower rises against the Rockies.  Adventures and journeys started and ended here, the fears of men and women and the courage in their face played out daily in the lives that intersected those old days.   Though we spend much of our day acting as our own gods, signs like these remind us that the world has kept spinning forward.  We are not gods at all, but mortals who spend but a few days beneath the sun.  Though we think very highly of ourselves, we forget our weaknesses.  The relics here remind us of those fears and weaknesses, while the mountains look on in a timeless pose that is always present.   Unlike the mountains, the named passenger trains have come and gone from this place, electric locomoti

Heart of Wisdom

Location: Butte, MT As the years pass there are fewer marks of the Resourceful Railroad left across the American West.  The long stretches of right of way between mountain passes seem ever disappearing; the relentless work of nature and men slowly reclaiming the spaces.  Despite this ongoing loss, there are still a few lasting monuments that point backwards.  The most famous of Butte's two Milwaukee Road passenger stations still stands as one of these lasting gifts. Shown here in photos that are themselves twenty years old, it is the home of KXLF and, reportedly, still ordained with the marble floors that were all part of the Milwaukee Road's grand entrance to the city.  In addition to KXLF, the names that adorn the station in the early 2000s include another name that has lost ground to history: Rainier.     One can never walk through these old places or gaze upon the old photos without remembering the vast depth of history that has unfolded before us.  People, in our smallness