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Morning is coming, but also the night

Photo Above:  Blacktail Viaduct On March 3, 1970 the Burlington Northern merger became reality, and shortly after, access to Western "Gateways" for the Milwaukee Road.  These would prove to have great effect on the railroad, and perhaps, more than just a bit of hope for the transcon.  Though it was surrounded on all sides by a larger BN, there was evidence to suggest that a new day was actually at hand. By year, the results in operating health were obvious (numbers from Annual Reports): 1969 - Net earnings:  -$5.6M (loss) 1970 - Net earnings:  -$8.9M  (loss) 1971 - Net earnings:  $2.9M 1972 - Net earnings:  -$.4M (loss) 1973 - Net earnings:  $3.7M Some of the details from these annual reports show the effect more directly:  1973 Report:   Motor vehicles, carload increase of 5% in 1973 ... long haul movement of motor vehicles to the railroad's automobile marshaling yard at Kent, WA increased 12%.   Carloadings increased in general by 5.9% ove