Down the Yard Throat

The view above is the last one of Harlowton, for now.  The image looks east, down the throat of the large yards that once held the lands here.  The old station and signal stand just to the left of the plow and Deer Lodge's yellow mule.  The skies overhead are gray, and the day is one of a cool spring where the sun struggles to break free, highlighting just a few square feet for only seconds a time.  

Railfans and photographers traveled from near and far to this place to capture the 'lasts' that included the Little Joes and western electrification.  Then there were the last Dead Freights, and the last of the salvagers that passed this way.  On this day there is only one photographer here though, looking down the yard throat and gazing backwards at what was, wondering what could have been.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the updates, I need to see this area before it is gone forever.
LinesWest said…
Thanks for the feedback - it is surprising how quickly so much of this is disappearing. The traces are there but they're becoming obscured more and more.
Anonymous said…
True. Very true. However, following a visit in 2011, I was amazed how many atifacts there are to be seen out along lines west. Sometimes it helps to look around the surrounding area a bit, and not just along the right of way. Although I was 30 years too late to see the Milwaukee, I found lines west no less inspiring. I plan to model it soon. I highly recommend a trip to see the remains to all. - Brad Davis

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